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White Rock British Columbia

About White Rock, BC, Canada ...
White Rock British Columbia, Canada, is a bedroom community within the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada region.

White Rock is well known for its drier climate, beaches, ocean views, retirement living, and overall high quality lifestyle.

Out of the approx. 20 cities and municipalities that make up the Greater Vancouver region, White Rock uniquely has one of the driest climates in the region... this is due to White Rock's unique sea-side location that sits furthest south and away from the north-shore mountains of Greater Vancouver, the north-shore mountains tend to act as collectors of rain clouds coming in from the Pacific Ocean and often dump generous amounts of rain onto Vancouver. White Rock uniquely receives only approx. 1/2 the annual amount of rainfall that North Vancouver receives, primarily due to White Rock's unique location. 

The city of White Rock is also unique in that it is a true sea-side community, featuring sandy beaches that stretch for approx. 8 kilometers along the waters of Semiahmoo Bay (the majority east-west length of the city).

The waterfront area of White Rock also features a high quality walking promenade that is approx. 2.5 kilometers in length, which is fully accessible to the disabled and parents with strollers. The waterfront area also features the massive 500 ton "white rock" from which the City of White Rock gets it's name... there are also many cafes, restaurants, and shops, the pier, a heritage building which houses the old train station & a museum.

The White Rock Pier happens to be the longest public pier in Greater Vancouver, jutting out over a 1/4 mile straight into the Pacific Ocean. Originally built in 1914/15, the pier offers a public swimming area, access to fishing & crabbing, as well as a sheltered mooring facility for boats. The end of the Pier also offers a unique perspective/view of White Rock City, which looks back onto the hillside homes and beachfront area of the city.

White Rock is also conveniently located approx. 5 minutes from the Canada/US border, and approx. a 45 minute drive from Vancouver, making White Rock a convenient place to live or visit.

The city of White Rock is often ranked as "one of the most livable cities in Canada"... which is reflected in the fact that White Rock has one of the most stable real estate markets in all of Canada. The highly stable White Rock real estate market indicates that once people move to White Rock, they generally have very little desire to leave.

White Rock BC - The White Rock Pier
The White Rock Pier.

White Rock BC - White Rock East Beach Totem Poles
The Totem Poles on East Beach.

White Rock BC - West White Rock Beach Promenade
The White Rock Beach Promenade.

White Rock BC - Semiahmoo Bay viewed from the Ocean Park area of South Surrey
Semiahmoo Bay as viewed from Ocean Park.

White Rock BC - Semiahmoo Bay at Sunset
Semiahmoo Bay at Sunset.

White Rock BC - Walking along Marine Drive
Cafes & shopping along Marine Drive.

White Rock BC - White Rock West Beach area
The West Beach area of White Rock.

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