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White Rock British Columbia

White Rock Link Exchange ...

If you have a web site from the White Rock / South Surrey region, add your web site to the WhiteRockShopping.com directory for free with a link exchange.

If your web site is "not from" the White Rock / South Surrey region, please do not submit your link as your site will not be added to the directory... WhiteRockShopping.com is a web directory only for White Rock / South Surrey web sites.

Here is the procedure to add your site;

(1) Please read the short "Terms of Service" info below... IE: there are some exclusions and restrictions.

(2) If your web site qualifies... place a link to WhiteRockShopping.com on your web site... here are some examples of links.

(3) Decide which category in WhiteRockShopping.com best suits your web site.

(4) then email me (do not add file attachments, because they will automatically get deleted)... and within your email include the following info;

(NOTE: You can simply "Copy & Paste" the following 6 items into your email...
just simply overwrite my existing italiced descriptions.)

TITLE: Preferably in 7 words or less... and no references to being "#1", "the biggest" or
"the best", etc... Corporations and Businesses should use their company name as the title. 

DESCRIPTION: Please keep under 45 words... and no references to being "#1", "the
biggest" or "the best".

WEB ADDRESS: I need to know the web address for your listing.

CATEGORY:  I need to know which category your web site is best suited for.

CITY:  I need to know which city your business, service, or web site is located in (IE: either White Rock or South Surrey).

YOUR LINK EXCHANGE WEB PAGE ADDRESS: I need know the web address of the page where you've exchanged links with WhiteRockShopping.com.


Terms of Service...

COST: There is currently no fee for adding a web site to the WhiteRockShopping.com directory... however, a link exchange with WhiteRockShopping.com is required.

EXCLUSIONS: WhiteRockShopping.com only allows "top level domains" into the directory... "top level domain" refers to your web page URL, not it's quality... for example;
the web address: www.whiterockshopping.com is a "top level domain", however,
the web address www.whiterockshopping.com/auto_dealers is not a "top level domain"... once you start adding sub-directories after the ".com" you are "outside" the "top level" of the "web domain".

WhiteRockShopping.com also reserves the right not to add web sites to the directory that are "incomplete", "under construction" or could be deemed "harmful" or "offensive" to others. WhiteRockShopping.com also reserves the right to remove listings that discontinue their link exchange with WhiteRockShopping.com.

TIME TO ADD: Please allow up to 7 business days for your web site to be added to the directory... and it may take up to an additional 30 days for the "search feature" to index your listing. 

RIGHT TO MODIFY: WhiteRockShopping.com reserves the right to edit the title, description, or category for each listing. 


Copyright WhiteRockShopping.com

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